Switch Testing and Installations


Switch Testing and Installations

Electrical safety is a lot about ensuring that all the electrical installations in your home/office/retail space/ industrial establishment are in the best condition at all times. Not only should they function well, but they must function optimally. The switches and related electrical equipment see a significant amount of wear and tear and over a period of time, you will find that some of these don’t work the way they should. The thing to keep in mind is that most electrical equipment may not just stop working all of a sudden; it does show some warning signs. Here are some signs of problems in switch installations:

  • Flickering lights
  • Lights that don’t come on at all
  • Lighting fixtures that stay on even after you have turned off the switch
  • You experience shock when you touch an electrical appliance or any electrical equipment like a computer or printer etc.
  • You hear a buzzing/ some other strange sound coming from a certain switch
  • A switch that’s very loose
  • Other

If you have noticed any of these things, do not delay in calling in a professional, insured electrician to get the switches tested.

Why are Switch Testing and Installations necessary?

  • The condition of the switches and the switchboard determine the performance & to some extent, the durability of the electrical equipment and appliances in your home. Switches regulate the power supply that’s necessary for these to function smoothly. Testing them helps ensure they are in a good condition.
  • Switch testing is a good way of protecting your switchboard from potential hazardous electrical faults.
  • Faulty switches are a fire risk; when you get the testing done regularly, it helps identify which switches may be in a bad condition and they can be replaced without delay.
  • If the wiring and switch installations in your home/office are 15-20 years old, it’s important that you opt for Switch Testing and Installations. This increases the safety aspect of these fixtures and the new switches will be able to cope with the higher, power-consumption demands of modern –day appliances.

We at ASAP Electricians provide excellent and cost-effective, Switch Testing and Installations of safety switches. We use the latest testing equipment in the work and this helps us test not just the switch itself, but the wiring and related electrical connections too.  If our experts find anything amiss, you will be immediately informed about it and we can quickly replace the faulty switch.

Some checks you should do out yourself

Typically, Switch Testing and Installations should be done every 6 months. In high use settings such as commercial and industrial setups the testing should be carried out every 3 months.  The safety switches that are installed on your property examine the flow of electricity in a circuit. In case it detects a fault in a switchboard, in the electronic equipment/appliances or even in the wiring, it quickly shuts-off the power – which reduces the chances of shock and other damage.

The safety switch has a “test” button, It’s important that you intermittently test it to check if the power gets turned off,  If it doesn’t, call us at ASAP Electricians without delay. Our experts will come over, test and rectify the problem without delay. For more information, Call ASAP Electricians at this free call number 1300 673 637. Feel free to send us your queries via email.



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