Lighting & Power Installation

There are times when property owners want to change the lighting installations of their property and this is quite a large scale and complex job. It’s the same with any type of power installation job and you would need the services of an expert and experienced electrician to handle the Lighting & Power Installation efficiently and quickly. We have a team of highly skilled and trained electricians that have vast experience in handling all types of power installation jobs.

In addition to installation, they are also able to handle all types of maintenance on the lighting systems on your commercial or residential property. In most instances, property owners want to change the installations because they may have been facing constant problems with the existing systems. When you call us with your requirement, our Lighting & Power Installation experts will first come over to your premises and analyse the situation; they will use the latest electrical testing equipment and ascertain whether a problem really exists and what the issue is.

Transparent working

We are very honest and transparent in our dealings with customers. We carry out complete evaluations of the light wiring, new and older electrical systems as well as the existing power supply installation. When we conduct a thorough check, if we find that the system only requires some small tweaks or some specific component has to be replaced to get it working optimally, we will tell you so. Our experts will never misinform you about the condition of the installation; and our experts will suggest a complete Lighting & Power Installation overhaul only if it is really necessary.

When we have finished analysing the condition of the system, if we find that the power hindrance or erratic working can be rectified only by actioning an overall change, we will inform you about it and provide complete details about the job that needs to be done.  We staunchly believe that a business should always be built on trust and our steadily increasing customer base, tells us we are on the right path.

We provide unmatched Lighting & Power Installation solutions

Our company always maintains very reasonable pricing and will do the same for this work. We operate well within your budget and always ensure you get value for money when you hire our services. Our company never cuts corners, no matter how big or small the job; and we use the best materials, technology and workmanship to ensure you don’t face these same power issues in the future.

All the work will be completed to the relevant BCA requirements and Australian Standards; certification of installation will also be provided. We have public liability cover as well as workers compensation and all our projects are carried out in-line with OH & S guidelines. Call ASAP Electricians at this free call number 1300 673 637. Feel free to send us your queries via email. You can also submit your job via this online form. One of our expert consultants will contact you soon, & will provide you with a cost-effective quotation for the Lighting & Power Installation service.