Range Hood Installations

Most residential property owners have range hoods installed in their homes. These fixtures are affixed to the wall, a little above the cooktop. They have an exhaust fan system in them that pulls in all the fumes, steam, grease and food odours and helps keep the kitchen cleaner. While some cooktops come with an inbuilt range hoods, some are standalone pieces and have to be fixed separately. Just as we provide excellent oven and cooktop installation services, we also handle Range Hood Installations in an expert manner.

Range Hood Installations – our work process

ASAP Electricians has the knowledge, skill and the resources to handle installations for range hoods for all brands and models. Our expert electricians have the ability to tackle this job in the best possible way.  We are very meticulous in our approach to our work and follow a very specific process while tackling Range Hood Installations:

  • Our certified electricians will come over to your location and check the spot where the installation is to take place
  • They will also check the wiring and power points at this spot.
  • The range hood will require an independent power point of a certain capacity(based on the brand and model you want installed)
  • If our electricians find they have to install a separate powerpoint, they will do that too
  • Range Hood Installations may seem like a very easy task, but it’s important  that it be tackled expertly and that is where our services  come in
  • We provide precise and efficient services and install the range hood correctly
  • Once the installation has been completed, we test it to ensure that  its working the way it should
  • You will find that our electricians handle the job in a very clean and neat manner
  • In case you are upgrading to a new range hood, we can also take away the older piece and send it away for recycling

Cost-effective Range Hood Installations

We also handle Range Hood Installations in alfresco spaces or commercial kitchens and follow the same meticulous approach in that work as well. We use the latest testing equipment and technology in our work and focus on completing the job quickly and efficiently. Getting a range hood installed from a professional electrician ensures it will function optimally and that it is connected to the right type of powerpoint etc.

You will find that even as we provide high grade solutions, we maintain very reasonable pricing and this provides you value for money. All the work will be completed to the relevant BCA requirements and Australian Standards; certification of installation will also be provided. We have public liability cover as well as workers compensation and all our projects are carried out in-line with OH & S guidelines.

Call ASAP Electricians at this free call number 1300 673 637. Feel free to send us your queries via email. You can also submit your job via this online form. One of our expert consultants will contact you soon, & will provide you with a cost-effective quotation for the Range Hood Installations service.