Switchboard Upgrades

Today, we rely very heavily on electrical appliances and equipment for comfort.  It’s why you find that every home has a large number of kitchen and home appliances. Offices, retail establishments and industrial set ups also have several electrical installations. While all of that is good and it provides you the comfort you need, all these appliances and equipment consume a significant amount of power; and the wiring, switches and switchboards that are all part of the circuit have to be able to bear that kind of load.

The thing is keep in view is that the electrical systems and switchboards in older homes/ commercial settings aren’t designed to bear heavy electrical loads. At that time, the electricity demands of a home/office were distinctly different from what they are today and if the electrical installations on your property are over 15-20 years old, it’s time to consider getting Switchboard Upgrades done.

Some signs that you need Switchboard Upgrades 

Switchboard Upgrades  are a very specialised job and we at ASAP Electricians have the training, knowledge, experience and the certification to handle these tasks in the best possible way. So, how would you know whether you need to upgrade the switchboards in your home?  Here are some signs you should be looking out for:

  • Flickering lights
  • Lights that don’t come on at all
  • Lighting fixtures that stay on even after you have turned off the switch
  • You experience shock when you touch an electrical appliance or any electrical equipment like a computer or printer etc.
  • You hear a buzzing/ some other strange sound coming from a certain switch
  • A switch that’s very loose
  • Other

Older switchboards don’t have safety switches installed- these devices cut off the power supply in that particular circuit in case of an overload and mitigate the risk of fire. When we handle Switchboard Upgrades for you, we will conduct a thorough check on all the electrical wiring and installations, understand the kind of power load required in your specific setting, make provisions for future requirements and then design a system that will meet your requirements perfectly. While we do all this, we also focus on providing cost-effective solutions that fit into your budget.

Switchboard testing and upgrades

If you feel that you need to upgrade the switchboards on your property, or if you want us to test all the installations and provide our recommendations on the same, call ASAP Electricians at this free call number 1300 673 637.  All the work will be completed to the relevant BCA requirements and Australian Standards; certification of installation will also be provided.

We have public liability cover as well as workers compensation and all our projects are carried out in-line with OH & S guidelines. Feel free to send us your queries via email. You can also submit your job via this online form. One of our expert consultants will contact you soon, & will provide you with a cost-effective quotation for the Switchboard Upgrades service.